Safety & environmental practices designed to help you

Protecting the health of people on job sites and minimizing the environmental impact of construction are obviously important in human terms. But if a contractor approaches safety and environmental initiatives in a proactive fashion, it can protect you from risks that could threaten project success.

Here are just three of the many ways that Rogers-O’Brien Construction uses leadership in safety and environmental practices to benefit you:

Safety trend analysis and preemptive training

Rogers-O’Brien uses the Predictive Solutions SafetyNet database to help you avoid project delays, unwanted negative attention to your job site, and government penalties or nuisance litigation. We collect accurate information, analyze it, and locate trends that we can correct proactively by educating subcontractors and augmenting our innovative online training system.

The Rogers-O’Brien approach to safety can also be seen in our basic safety orientation video, which every team member working on a Rogers-O’Brien project is required to watch. While the video covers general safety requirements, we also detail additional safety requirements specific to each job site. If you would like to download the safety orientation video, please contact us.

OSHA partnership

Random OSHA inspections cause delays. And violations bring unwanted negative attention to you. That is why Rogers-O’Brien helped lead — and was the first contractor to sign — the Texas ACG and ABC / QUOIN partnership with OSHA. Because Rogers-O’Brien actively collects accurate safety observations for all its job sites and submits them to OSHA, the agency does not perform random inspections on our job sites, which might otherwise negatively impact you.